"37 Gifts for People Who Have Everything"

We all have that friend with a self-admitted shopping problem, so finding gifts for people who have everything can often be the trickiest part of the gift-giving season. They're all good in the style department, their wellness cabinet would scare a small child, and the counter space in their kitchen shrinks with every Amazon visit. 

You're asking yourself what they really need because the last thing you want is to present them with a scarf that will swiftly land in their donation bin. That's where unexpected, functional, unique gifts come into play. Think: an unusual gadget that will make their life easier, a thoughtful activity that will get them away from their screens, and organizational gift ideas that will help them get their endless sea of stuff in order. Ahead, our gift list includes 37 gifts for the person on your list who's a few impulse buys away from another stoop sale.